After the closure of the Indian Opinion the need for medical services in the area were perceived and a clinic was started which grew by leaps and bounds as there was really a dire need for such services. On the political front there was a vacuum after the banning of the popular political organisations in 1961. The challenge was then taken up by students and education became a major issue. Rick Turner, Steve Biko, Pravin Gordhan, Mewa Ramgobin and other young leaders ran study groups at Phoenix Settlement, sharpening their understanding of the political landscape of the times. Those were repressive years and much of the work done remained unrecorded with the result that our history remains incomplete. In the build up to Soweto 1976, at Phoenix Settlement there were many camps, organised initially by Ms Kamla Pillay a resident of Phoenix Settlement and a qualified girl guide, which later became more politically orientated and became a study group for young political leaders.